• Minimum Buy $50
  • Maximum Buy $5000
  • CoinPayments.net
  • 2 Million Supply
  • Multiple Accounts Allowed

Round 1

  • Minimum Buy $50
  • Maximum Buy $10000
  • CoinPayments.net
  • 2.5 Million Supply
  • Multiple Accounts Allowed

Whales Round

  • Minimum Buy $1.000
  • Maximum Buy $35.000
  • CoinPayments.net
  • 0.5 Million Supply
  • Multiple Accounts Allowed

Round 2

  • Minimum Buy $50
  • Maximum Buy $10000
  • CoinPayments.net
  • 3.0 Million Supply
  • Multiple Accounts Allowed
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    Earn Up To 15% Interest A Week

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    Withdrawal Privacy Coins And Stay Anonymous And Untracable

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    Ask Questions To Our Support Team And Get A Response Within 24 Hours

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    Transaction Cost

    Make Transactions And Pay Only 0.5% Fee

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    Gamble PIVS In The Online Casino


ICO Supply

8.000.000 PIVS Will Be Sold During The ICO


Reserve Supply

1.500.000 PIVS Will Be Reserved

PIVS Token Distribution


Bounty Supply

3.500.000 PIVS Will Be Reserved For Airdrop, Giveaways And Promotions


Developers Supply

3.000.000 PIVS Have Been Reserved For Furthur Development Of The Platform

Everything You Need To Know About Privacy Coins

Thanks to the enhanced security features of blockchain technology, people have started embracing private cryptocurrencies — or what are also referred to as privacy coins in short.

But do not get these confused with bitcoins. Despite being a big player in the cryptocurrency market, bitcoin has never really offered true privacy.

If you are looking for total anonymity, privacy coins are the way to go.

This guide highlights everything you’ll need to know about privacy coins — including the reasons why you need them and a list of providers you can safely start with.

How Are Privacy Coins Different From Bitcoins?

Every transaction made under the bitcoin network is transparent and can easily be traced with enough effort. Thus, your anonymity is only guaranteed until you decide to cash them out, since you’ll have to connect your personal credentials to do so.

Privacy coins take the next step in the cryptocurrency market by using advanced encryption methods to make transactions a lot more ambiguous. These security protocols differ depending on the platform you’re using, but all of them work by obscuring the underlying information used to make transactions.

Why Do You Need To Use Privacy Coins?

This question can actually be simplified by asking yourself why you need privacy in the first place.

Whenever you use currency for your daily transactions, it always leaves a record somewhere — whether printed on a receipt or reflected on your banking records. Public cryptocurrency wallets work the same way; it’s just that only the address of a sender and receiver is left behind anonymously.

In both situations, it’s quite possible for a third-party to look through your transactions once they have access to the proper channels. It could be the government, a skilled hacker, or maybe even a family member you might be sharing a computer with.

If you only buy essentials such as food and drinks, you’d probably have nothing to worry about. But if a lot your transactions involve high-value items, confidential clients, or other secrets of your trade, using traditional channels makes you susceptible to thieves and hackers.

In the worst-case scenario, both your reputation and financial standing can be harmed as a result. Privacy coins prevent these cases from happening by providing users with a secure layer of anonymity that is free even from the prying eyes of both government and banking organizations.

You no longer have to worry about having your transaction history exposed as your details are masked under several security layers. This prevents third-parties from using transaction histories as a way to deduce the identity of specific users.


PrivacyStake Has Some Big Plans For The Future And We Are Excited To Bring This All Out

  • April 2018


  • May 2018


  • June 2018

    Staking & Exchange

  • July 2018

    CoinMarketCap & App Release

January 2019

Casino Release

PrivacyStake Will Develop Different Casino Games Where You Are Able To Gamble PIVS Tokens

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The Casino Will Only Be Used To Gamble PIVS, Not Other Currency's!


Why PrivacyStake

Why Should You Choose PrivacyStake

  • service_icon Anonymous
  • service_icon Fast
  • service_icon Reliable
  • service_icon Low Fees
  • service_icon Fixed Interest


About US

PrivacyStake has seen cryptocurrency grow throughout the years. Since 2016 staking and lending platforms have become more popular. However, many are having issues with the legality of their platform. With cryptocurrency growing so fast the government is becoming a lot more involved. In 2018 lending platforms started getting a bad name after BitConnect and Davor shutdown their platforms because of government complaints. PrivacyStake is the solution to these problems. PrivacyStake aims to replace lending and staking platforms with something safer and faster. This includes safe transactions with minimal fees. Platforms that offer lending or staking are paying out investors who participate in the lending or staking service using USD or their own token. We believe that to make sure our legality and sustainability is 100% correct this is not the solution in the long run. PrivacyStake aims to be a 100% legal business where people and members are sure they are safe and anonymous from the government.

  • Pre-ICO 2,000,000 PIVS will be distributed for $0.25
  • ICO 6,000,000 PIVS will be distributed for $0.50


100 – 1.000 PIVS

  • Fixed Weekly 9% Interest
  • Reinvest Available
  • Privacy Coins Interest
  • 1% Bonus /Month
  • -
  • Capital Back 25 Weeks

1.001 – 5.000 PIVS

  • Fixed Weekly 10% Interest
  • Reinvest Available
  • Privacy Coins Interest
  • 2% Bonus /Month
  • -
  • Capital Back 23 Weeks

5.001 – 25.000 PIVS

  • Fixed Weekly 11% Interest
  • Reinvest Available
  • Privacy Coins Interest
  • 1% Bonus /Month
  • +1.000 PIVS Bonus /Capital Release
  • Capital Back 20 Weeks

25.001 – 100.000 PIVS

  • Fixed Weekly 15% Interest
  • Reinvest Available
  • Privacy Coins Interest
  • 4% Bonus /Month
  • +5.000 PIVS Bonus /Capital Release
  • Capital Back 15 Weeks


Referral Program

To Reach More People We Have Decided To Set Up An Affiliate System. This Is Affiliate System Only Has 1 Tier. For the last round the bonus is 30% instead of 8%.

Tier 1

For direct referrals, the bonus received during ICO is 30%

Top Privacy Coins In The Market

There are already a lot of private cryptocurrencies in the market, but many of them are still in their early stages and are not yet optimized for real-world use. If you want to get started, here’s a list of top privacy coins:

1. MoneroMonero

Monero is known as the leading standard for both security and anonymity schemes implemented among privacy coin providers.

By taking advantage of stealth addresses and ring signatures, Monero gives users with the benefits of untraceability and unlinkability while still providing the same amount of performance as other mainstream blockchain technologies.

Your transactions can most likely never be linked to you through the network as the platform hides how much coins you have sent, received, and currently own. If your worry is about getting blacklisted by online merchants, Monero coins are also fungible, so each coin is treated equally despite its origin or history.

Overall, Monero is considered a good privacy coin because it not only offers mandatory private transactions, but it also has an opaque blockchain in place. This gives developers the ability to audit the coin supply, ensuring that no one uses fake coins in transactions. Its only downside is that the interface isn’t exactly for beginners, so it might take you some time before you get used to it.

2. MoneroPIVX

Monero is known as the leading standard for both security and anonymity schemes implemented among privacy coin providers.

PIVX is a Bitcoin-based community-centric cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy transactions with high speed confirmations. PIVX is compared to other privacy coins one of the fastest methods to use. PIVX is ranked in the top 100 of Coinmarketcap and started getting famous in the beginning of 2017.

The PIVX platform is Open Source and all changes will be made with users votes. This makes the platform sustainable and trusted.

3. MoneroDash

Dash is a peer-to-peer blockchain platform that performs similarly to other private cryptocurrencies, except that privacy is kept optional. This is perfect for those looking for a platform that allows them to transact in large volumes for both general and private use.

While not a traditional privacy coin in its current form, it offers a key feature called PrivateSend that provides users with the option to obscure their transactions. This is a simple feature that implements a coin mixing service and a zerocoin protocol to perform the necessary analysis between the sender and receiver.

While Dash’s PrivateSend can perform its intended job well, it largely suffers from its apparent lack of usability and user-friendliness. It is considered inconvenient to use unlike its contemporaries as it is still not available for use in mobile wallets and is also also prone to various bugs when conducting private transactions.

Dash, as a whole, is a great platform to start with even though its privacy features happen to be just good enough for general use. The platform doesn’t have any issues with scaling unlike most privacy coins, so you can easily expect Dash to stay around for a long time.


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